Saturday, August 11, 2007

Tricks are friends with Google

Not been, the search engine is very influential to the success of the business on the internet. So that we can benefit as big, we must take advantage of dodgy search engine optimization so that we always appear at the top of the order of search results "uncle Google" 

Make sure that the Google index our site 
First, so that we can be indexed by Google, a site Anyar must be registered first. But now we do not need to register. The simplest way to go to a forum that is indexed by Google (for example and write a comment discussion (not ads), and we use the signature site. Automatically, when Google came to dating there there, we also address the site will be indexed by Google. 

Do update daily 
Although the products that we sell does not change, do update daily on our site. How, fill the site with articles related. If we sell Jepara carving, enter the article - an article about Jepara carving. More often in a site update, the more diligent menyambangi Google our site, and the greater the opportunities our site in order to appear on the search results. 

Choose the right keywords 
This keyword will be a guide when creating a sequence of Google search results. When a load any posts, use keywords that are most often used by search engine users. To find out, we can ask to Google Trends. 

Show the self-convincing 
Way communication in the Internet is influenced by the ability to persuade others through writing. This should be. Business site which contains articles - articles that will fascinate even looks more convincing, say, that does not have a business office. "Perception is more than reality," said marketing experts. 

Avoid the traps on the Internet 
In addition to providing many opportunities, the Internet is also full of a trap, do not get stuck. If our business to market, do not do so vulgar, for example, to disrupt a mailing list. If caught by Google, the ads that our site will be considered as waste (spam). If you want to market themselves on a mailing list, follow up as regular members. Send articles or comments to help the honest and provide a solution, and the signature site ginakan our business. That is an effective form of advertising.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Traveling Around

Who does not love a vacation? Or do not like shopping? Do not like to go? Basically anyone who does not like to have fun refreshing? If my friends find the super serious like, oh, the task of friends for the very heavy a for roads. 

But actually a lot that we can loh favor when we have the opportunity of roads, especially to foreign countries, most do not go out of town. 

Here is a fun things that we can enjoy when traveling: 
Sight seeing, meaning is see scene, for example, in Bali aja, friends can enjoy the beautiful sunset at the beach, or in the Bromo sunrise, or to see a special scene in other places that we go. 
LOCAL SHOW NONTON, this is related to culture (cultural), each place has a certain local culture, such as the Kecak dance in Bali, or dance Jaipong in West Java, of course if the fun after lunch or dinner, go to our local show while relaxing. It will also enrich the cultural perspective we loh. 
LOCAL VEHICLE try, for example, aja Bajaj in Jakarta, in other places in Indonesia seems to have a bajaj ya? There is the type of vehicle angkot non tricycle. For example, or friends have kesempatak to Thailand, a local vehicle in there (angkotnya) name tuk-tuk. 
Culinary TOUR, without a place to taste the food localnya loss dech like, for example, to Bali aja pas, cobain dech eat duck bengil, Blitar to fit, do not forget to eat pecelnya. Although the food - the food we can already see in our own city, it's still aja others when we eat at the origin. 
Souvenir Hunting, this is a fun activity especially for the girl, rarely do I like shopping, souvenir hunting there surely is fun, like trinkets made by the friends and family. I must be expensive, which is enjoy the process, so each item to be so special. 

Nah just a lot that we can enjoy when traveling? Not only fun but also add insight. 

A special friends often to foreign countries or have plans to overseas, there is this e-book collection of useful tips concerning how to tips-sparing roads to foreign countries at SINI. 

Hopefully useful.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

So I Employees Need Capital?

Now I remember being taught a simple philosophy when I joined a MLM. Very unique, because even slightly against the flow is also very correct idea. 

Friends - friends certainly often heard, many people think that more good employees so (what with the salary of the executive and the myriad of overlapping facilities emang enak bener sich;)). So employees that if the week day ama days of certain holidays, without a salary cut. Is that sick, can still benefit from the company, can leave 12 days per year, hours, work regularly, regular income, which are usually spelled also Enak Loh GAK PAKE usah CAPITAL, you need to open a business capital for a place to rent, buy a stock of goods, paid employees, not to mention nearly a year I loss respectively. Oops easy way to do smth so employees do? 

But what is that? Really a officers without risk? 

Try our pilah-pilah ya? So employees that NEED CAPITAL ?  where I have employees who are paid in the future (in the early hours before work), certainly dibayarnya at the end of the month eh? So, working first one month, ntar late receipt of salary. 

Is the cost of living before receiving a salary from which it? Well, friend - friend, that is the capital so employees: ( 

How is so employees without the risk? In fact enggak also loh, the name also, I followed you, "I do not ikutin me again." Why try? That name in PHK, although be pesangon, fixed PHK aja name, and it can happen at any time. 

Around 2 years ago I even surprised akan PHK called retirement early large-scale in a public company (I need not mention his name). At the same time, even employees who have worked over 20 years so get any love letters, next day is directly non-active (pesangon salaries and their rights will be transferred according to the date set). 

Serasa so cruel? Emang say the company does not need, perhaps these people will appreciate them for example a non-active then, so I can be so mentally ready. But it is so that employees, who pay up to ya?: ( 

Back to the topic, so if the employee needs capital, practically the same with ya aja open business? 

Anyway, I wanted to suggest here, though there are among us who still work , how  salaries and facilities received, you should still consider yourself to have a business, even though the new small business. 

Even if not for the money, do this for an alternative way for the business period of time in retirement 

Wednesday, May 9, 2007


When looking for things we usually via the Internet using Google, you know who could be mebuat google like now? Please see the post below: 

Eight years ago, two Stanford University students called Larry Page and Sergey Brin started a site to build business applications on a set of systematic search of data information on the Internet. To be able to realize the desire, they need a shelter so they can work with comfortably. Then start dicarilah a place for them to start pekerjaannnya, until they find a garage owned by Susan Wojcicki in Menlo Park Resident. 

With only pay $ 1700 dollars per month to the United States as Susan rent, both aged twenty five students this year agreed to start a business in the garage. And from where will be born and then later a company of online search giant is the world's called Google. 
When you first Susan does not expect at all, that two people are working this will last for years, even developing into a giant company. Susan Brin own claim to know through friends of the accident date with Brin. Susan currently serves as Google's Very Own Vice President of Product Development Division. 

During the five months they start to build a garage in Google, and the garage has become a second home for them. During the same Page and Brin also has the habit 'steal' the content of refrigerator Susan, who also dankebiasaan this mengispirasi and Google to provide a 'smorgasbord' of food or free for eight thousand employees in users every day, every month. 

Now Google has grown into a giant company that is not possible meninggali a garage, and because it is now Google's attempt to maintain its history with trying to buy a garage as a form of protection over them a history of hard work in the past that have made Google as it is at this time . 

A Google spokesman, Jon Murchinson told Bigmouthmedia, that Google is buying a garage with a goal to protect the historical heritage, as are the existence of a mythical beliefs about caring for a heritage. Now, that Google began in Park Menolo into a company worth $ 10 billion United States dollars with the market value reaching $ 125 billion United States dollars, the value of a take-off from a high initial value in which the company eight years ago when Page and Brin founded only worth $ 1 million United States dollars. 

Google is now the company's position as a Search Engine with a very strong branding, after eight years through the hard work. Along with this, the popularity of 'Office Garage Google'-any more increase. This reminds us in the garage on the Palo Alto and Los Alto, where Hewlett-Packard and Apple was first established in 1938 and 1970. Hewlett-Packard to buy the garage where they start a business worth $ 1.7 million dollars for a garage measuring 3.6 x 5.4 meters, which they used to rent a $ 45 American dollars per month. Up to now, how much money has been paid to Google's home area of 177 square meters is still concealed. 

So if Google's plan will combine the house and garage, and there is no definitive information about it. However, some people say that there are thought to make the house and garage is a guest house, considering this was during the bus tour and a lot of tourists who take pictures in the 'Office Garage Google', although it's the Google has requested The Associated Press not to publish the garage it. However, the address' Google Office Garage 'is still easily found on the Internet.