Thursday, March 27, 2008

Refreshing of the Online World

Online - online, and online every day to be saturated as well, not fun, but as a blogger anyway, I also need a really refreshing to withdraw. 

Search of an idea what can I do in fact also refreshing to not be easy, because my reading pile (which is still waiting list) was all the content related to internet marketing. So confused as well, like browsing, later tail-buntutnya even-even return to business online, and free holiday moment (take a break gitu loh). 

Friends online suggest that many travel, read, hear music, all I have to do every day but I still bored ya gitu loh: really need to charge n i recharge. 

And apparently I'm not just the noo, some friends online same tuh (who do I call ya, nggak ethical, hihi 

Finally yesterday with my spirit dech travel to bookstores, to store the bag, to the stationery store, so to some place, and ended with an entire magazine n philosophy books. 

It is true that the word love when we have a field, it is difficult to turn away from it, book selection that I'm not far from perencanaannya also blogging, because in addition to books that entertain, I also have plans to cultivate what I will read it the article also blog. 

Since a blogger, I want to share anything with anyone. What about people can be useful for others, it does not itch to be processed into an article and updated to the blog. 

Yes, that's the end of my refreshing, gather for weekend reading material, while to update itself. 

Indeed refreshing sometimes means really should avoid that which we become routine. If we continue to impose themselves, will not only saturated (low Batt) but even-even our creativity so mandeg (stop).

Saturday, February 2, 2008

The idea for Blogwalking

Friends - friends certainly know what it is blogwalking, ya .. blogwalking activity is walking to the other blog (most blog to friends, blog idol, rival blog, news, blogs are interesting and we like the attention). 

I own, including rare blogwalking, because I was often surprised at their own blog to see friends - friends of my good-good and interesting. Even so I rarely do not own minder. 

Anyway, blogwalking activities that are actually very useful for a internet marketer, because through blogwalking is an internet marketer can observe what happens with the surrounding, see the competitors, or simply to learn and explore new ideas from blogs other friends. 

I often get the benefit of a blog my friends, sometimes with something to read other people's blogs, so the idea arose to been in the 'land' itself. 

One thing that friends should avoid, namely action 'mencontek' blog the other, a creative banget dech, especially if that friend own blog, I feel ya man? 

When we like something on the blogs of others, and full of ideas developed into something new (memodel may, mencontek do not). 

Mencontek is not the creative, I'm sure my friends all have the ability to create a work of their own. A paper should not be perfect, because sometimes originality (authenticity) and the distinctive style of friends who become attraction. 

Ideas can come from anywhere, including from blogwalking, but 'work' must come from themselves, because the 'typical' friends is what will be the attractiveness of this paper.